The innovative business start-up and social space in Piccadilly, which opened in 2018 had been asked by the council to clad the shipping containers covered in artwork as the ‘industrial nature’ did not fit with the conservation area.

We had collaborated with RIG Projects for this exterior phase at SPARK:York, and started to get some drawings together that the council, Spark and ourselves could all work with.

To make this work the whole site had to be wrapped with scaffolding as this was only one of the viable options for us to not damage the containers, yet make it structurally safe for us to nail the cladding too.

Most of the work was done with a tower scaffold, and where the scaffold wasn’t accessible the ladders and steps had to be used.

Roughly 6km of cladding and 10,000 nails later over a two week period this was the outcome.

Before and after.